Special Events hosted by Goodwin House Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy a special 8-course dinner and presentation by Jan Rice On Sunday, October 19, 2014, up to seven individuals will enjoy creating and eating an eight course dinner with the award-winning Proprietor of Goodwin House.   We will begin at 2:30 p.m., creating the various courses.   Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.  

Jan Rice will begin her presentation during dinner, and continue into the evening, ending at 9:00 p.m.   She is an instructor at Lakeland Community College, teaching parapsychology relating to time travel and journaling.   Jan will be sharing her experiences on these topics, introducing past life regression and inviting dinner guests to share in their own personal past-life journeys.   Jan is "post-cognitive" and time-travels to other centuries, receiving messages from individuals who lived in the past.   Jan will also share examples from Gettysburg and Savannah along with photographs and stories.

  Exploring the Veil between Heaven and Earth  

Buy Local - Cooking Class

The 2009 series of cooking classes focuses on buying produce from local farms and supporting Amish stores and local merchants.   To view a PDF file of the brochure, Click here for the OUTSIDE, and here for the INSIDE.   Remember that you must read the OUTSIDE from right to left, since this is a 3-panel brochure.  If you print these PDF files, you may need to shrink the image to fit the page.

Or, you can Click HERE to listen to a 13 minute podcast interview on the "Buy Local" Cooking Classes with the State of Ohio's Department of Tourism, taped in 2008.

These 6-hour classes will begin with a tour of local farms and Amish and/or Yankee merchants to purchase supplies for the day.  Depending on the date you choose, you may learn where the certified organic farm is, or the best place to buy baking supplies. (Hint: you wouldn't be likely to find these places on your own!)   We will also buy locally packaged tea, Amish produced jams, and meats from a local Mennonite butcher.   There will be a different tour itinerary for each of the classes. Classes are on Mondays and Fridays because these are the best days for shopping at Amish stores. Please CALL or E-MAIL if interested!   You are not required to be a Guest of Goodwin House to participate.   Each day will include more stops than are described below.  These are brief descriptions:

  • February - Scones and Tea.  We will visit Tame-Your-Tiger Tea for you to peruse the selection of teas, herbs, spices, and potpourri.   We will also purchase baking supplies from a local Amish Bulk Foods Store.  Then, we will learn to make a variety of scones the old fashioned way, cutting pure butter into a flour mixture to make a light delicate scone.   We include other quickbreads as well.   You will take home scone dough, ready to freeze to make later as you wish.
  • April - Treats with Maple Syrup!  After the Maple Syrup has been made throughout the County, we will go to an Amish Farm with it's own sugarbush and sugarhouse for you to purchase as much pure Maple Syrup as you can use in a year. (It's only made once a year.)   Then, we will make treats based on Maple syrup, including the very tricky, very delicious "seafoam" frosting for a cake.  (If you don't know what this is, ask your mother or grandmother!)  You will take home a bundle of goodies.
  • June - Something about Strawberries!  The strawberries and abundant and truly delicious, flavorful and juicy when bought from a local farm.  We will incorporate strawberries into a few selections, and take advantage of other fresh produce to create some delightful treats including an all fruit smoothie.
  • August - Organic fresh tomato sauce.   We will buy most of the ingredients from a local certified organic farm.   (Some ingredients, such as basil and oregano might not be organic.)   We will use the tomato sauce to make Gazpacho (fresh cold tomato-vegetable soup) and Eggplant Parmesan.   You will take home some tomato sauce to freeze.
  • October - Cooking over a Campfire!.   We will pick up some meat from Byler's Freezer Meats (a great local butcher), and local produce and other supplies, and head out to our fire circle. There, we will learn a variety of fun campfire cooking skills including methods of cooking over a wood fire and baking in a box oven.  Rain, snow, or shine.  The fire will keep us warm!   You will take home firestarters (that we will make) and great outdoor cooking ideas.
  • Early December - Christmas Cookies.   We will shop at a local Amish Pantry for flour and other goods.  Then we'll go to Coffee Corners for coffee beans and Tame-Your-Tiger Tea for teas and spices.  We will make a variety of Christmas Cookies.   You will take home at least 2 dozen mixed cookies, and some dough to make more later.

    The per person cost of $62.00 includes transportation and a light lunch, as well as all ingredients and supplies, a sampling of our wares at the end of the class, and something made in class to take home.

    Robyn has adapted a 10 point list of why to support local farmers into a DOZEN REASONS to Buy Local in Geauga County's Amish Country.   Click here to read the DOZEN REASONS.

  • GeaugaCounty Genealogy and Historical Search

    Goodwin House is in the center of Geauga County, and within walking distance of the Geauga County Historical Society and Century Village.  Many historical documents and reference materials may be viewed here.  The County’s oldest tax and census records, as well as historical reference books are kept in the Chardon branch of the Geauga West Library, only a 10 mile drive.  The Library has evening and weekend hours.  Chardon is also the location of the County Court House and County offices, with land and deed records, probate records, etc.

    Robyn is an expert in U.S. Census look-up and will assist you from her own computer if you would like the help, while you are staying at Goodwin House.  Robyn has been researching her family tree for the past 30 years.

    Guided Tour of Amish Businesses and Local Farms

    Have you always wanted a personally guided tour of Amish businesses, but didn't know where how to go about it?  Robyn will take you and your small group on a tour of local businesses and farms.  Advance arrangements are necessary, to arrange for transportation and determine cost. The best days for such a tour is during the day on Monday or Friday.   Other days, including Saturdays are workable too, but some businesses may be closed. All Amish businesses are closed on Sundays.   See the Attractions tab for "Robyn's special Amish and Local Tour" OR click here for details.

    Shopping for Antiques

    Each Township in Geauga County offers wonderful antique shops.  Some areas even have their specialties.  Burton is known for Early American and Primitive Antiques and Folk Art, while in Chardon, one is more likely to discover fine wood furniture from the 1800s and vintage books and magazines.  Parkman (5 miles away) offers a huge Antique Mall with about 100 antique dealers all under one roof.

    Each June and September, the Geauga Antique Market provides access to 400 antique dealers, rain or shine.  The Market is at the Fairgrounds, one block from Goodwin House.

    We can provide you with a map of most of the antique shops and dealers in the County.