Favorite Local Restaurants

Many of these restaurants are independent and locally owned.  The owner will often come out to greet patrons and ask, "How is everything folks?"   That's one of the benefits of dining out in this part of Northeast Ohio.

If you made your dining decision based on this website, please tell the restaurant owner/manager that you found them through Goodwin House!

Within Walking Distance of Goodwin House: 

13816 W. Center St., Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-8062 
OUR COMMENTS:   Cogan's motto is "Bad Food - Lousy Service"   Don't believe it!   The staff is friendly and the food ranks from pretty good to awfully darn good.   (Seriously, this is Robyn's first choice within walking distance.)   The best part is the menu, which is hilarious. Tom Cogan is a pretty funny guy, too!   Robyn's favorite: The Liver & Onions with Bacon

Joel's Italian American Grille
14614 E. Park St., Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-9050 
OUR COMMENTS:   Not just for Italian fare!   They also have great soup and roast beef with mashed potatoes.  Try the stuffed shells (Joel's own recipe).   Joel's is also known far and wide for their homemade ice cream.   Joel's is Tom's first choice within walking distance.
Tom's favorite: Spaghetti and meatballs.   Tom says Joel's has the best spaghetti sauce around.

Tom 'N Jerry's
14530 N. Cheshire St., Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-1330 
OUR COMMENTS:   Mmmmmmm.......The best hamburger you will find anywhere!   What could be better than that?   Well, how about the absolutely most delicious BLT on the planet!   Decor is 1950s diner, but Wayne, the new owner, is experimenting with a different decor and a more upscale dinner menu.
Robyn's favorite: Hamburger with bleu cheese dressing instead of other condiments.

Belle's American Grille
14609 W. Park St., Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-8812 
OUR COMMENTS:   Typically home-cookin' type meals such as meat loaf, beef stew, chicken, etc.   Really great homemade pie!
Robyn's favorite: The soup is always good.   Tom's favorite: Every flavor of pie on the menu!

Duffy's Tavern
14656 S. Cheshire St., Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-8595 
OUR COMMENTS:   Not really a restaurant, this quaint pub serves only a few food items.   The best bet for food at Duffy's is when they are advertising a Friday Fish Fry, an Ox Roast, Pulled Pork Dinner, Pancake Breakfasts, and other specialty meals.   Call first for hours.   This is a very relaxing spot for a drink.   The interior is charming and authentic - not a "fake" attempt at authentic!   Worthwhile!

Coffee Corners
14132 N. Cheshire St., Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-0076 
OUR COMMENTS:   Coffee Corners is a very nice coffee house.   They have homemade pastries and offer soup in cold weather.   Part of the shop is a rambling collection of antique furniture and smaller items.   You may sit among the antiques while you enjoy your beverage.   Tom says this is the best hot chocolate in the world.

A short drive from Goodwin House: 

Randall's Smokin Pepper Grill
8135 Windham St., Garrettsville, OH 44231
Phone: (330) 527-9045 
OUR COMMENTS:   This is fine, intimate, exquisite dining in a surprising environment.   Look for the roses - everywhere!   Randall is a master chef.   He IS the entire operation.   The food here is some of the finest you will find in seven counties.   The place is very small, so call for reservations.   If you are a connoisseur of coffee, ask Randall to brew some for you.   It is very, very special.

Blazin' Bills Ribs & Chicken
12891 Main Market Rd., Troy Twp., OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-1111 
OUR COMMENTS:   Man, are they expensive.   Man oh man, are they good.   These ribs are like none other, and if you are up for the cost, they are unbelievable, and will make all other ribs you have had pale by comparison.   My mouth is watering now, just typing this....

Mangia Mangia
11081 Kinsman Rd. (Rte 87 at Auburn), Newbury OH
Phone: (440) 564-2227 
OUR COMMENTS:   Good Italian fare, wide variety.   Alcohol served.   Good choice for families or couples.   At the top of Tom's list for dining with friends.   Consistently good food.

Mary Yoder's Amish Kitchen
14743 N. State Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062
Phone: (440) 632-19392 
OUR COMMENTS:   Although no longer Amish-owned, this is still the place to get entirely HOMEMADE and truly delicious food. You are guaranteed to be satisfied.   Really, ALL of it is made on-site.   No pre-made pies from a factory.   No pre-canned soups.   Family dining.   Don't be dismayed by the "commercial" look of their website.   It is meant to look "tour-group" friendly, but they are also a good choice for YOU.

The Welshfield Inn
14001 Main Market Rd., Burton, OH 44021
Phone: (440) 834-0190 
OUR COMMENTS:   New - just opened at the end of 2007.   The restaurant is located in a very important historical building from the 1840s.   The menu is lovely.   The clam chowder is the BEST I have ever tasted.   I had Tilapia for dinner.   Tom had salmon.   Both were delicious.

Sebastian's on the Square
205 Main St. Chardon, OH 44024
Phone: (440) 285-28885 
OUR COMMENTS:   This is "fine dining" Italian.   All of the Italian restaurant choices (Joel's, Mangia Mangia & Sebastian's) have great food...but the ambiance at Sebastian's is definitely "New York City".
Liquor license.

10655 Kinsman Road (Rte 87), Newbury, OH
Phone: (440) 564-9656 
OUR COMMENTS:   European cuisine with full bar.   Best choices are wiener schnitzel (pounded veal) and potato pancakes. Ask for both sour cream and applesauce for your potato pancakes!   The portions are huge.   You'll definitely take some home unless you share a dinner.   The exterior is very unassuming.   A grey building with a difficult-to-spot sign, between a collision body shop and a tire store.   Don't let that fool you.   Inside is great dining.

Punderson Manor's Dining Room
11755 Kinsman Road (Rte 87), Newbury, OH
Phone: (440) 564-9144 
OUR COMMENTS:   Drive down the long road until you arrive at Punderson Manor.  Of all the restaurants listed here, none has a better or more scenic view than this one!   This is a great place for a fine dining with a group.

Bass Lake Taverne
426 South St. Chardon, OH 44024
Phone: (440) 285-3100 
OUR COMMENTS:   Really one of the finest restaurants around.   White table cloth and candlelight.   Everything is always delicious.   (These are the same folks re-opening the Welshfield Inn.)  This is the place for your Anniversary Dinner.

Alley's Grille
In the same shopping plaza on Route 87 as Spector's Dry Goods
Phone: (440) 632-9280
OUR COMMENTS:   They make most of the items in the kitchen from scratch.   They try to buy locally, and avoid the big food vendors of prepared restaurant foods.   The Taco Soup is worth trying.   The most unique item we ate there was the dessert - a "Banana Split Crepe". It was a big dessert, and plenty for two to share.

Remember When Tea Room
9328 Chillicothe Road Kirtland, OH 44094
Phone: (440) 256-3721
OUR COMMENTS:   A lovely small tea room, attached to a miniature doll house furniture store and gift store.   Every menu item we selected was positively delicious.   Fresh and wholesome.   The German Chocolate Cake was the best I have ever had.

The New Dutch Country Restaurant
15015 Kinsman Rd. (Rte 87), Middlefield, OH 44062
Phone: (440) 834-9785 
OUR COMMENTS:   Pretty good food at a really good price.   Known for "comfort food".   The service is lightening fast.   (But you might also feel rushed to clear out if there is a line waiting to get in.)   While the food and the service is good, the "ambiance" is a bit off.   The recessed "can" spotlights in the ceiling cause a strange mixture of oddly bright and yet too dimly diffuse lighting.   The lighting could be a lot better.   This restaurant is a few miles away, and has late hours on weekends.   Also, they have a liquor license, so you can order a drink with dinner, or walk through the interior hall to the attached pub (Twister's) next door.

Crossroads Country Cafe
15916 High Street (Route 87), Middlefield, OH 44062
Phone: (440) 632-0191
OUR COMMENTS:   Right out of the 1960s, this is a homey family restaurant with homey family food.   Very family friendly, including "Kids Night" on Thursdays.   Located in the heart of Middlefield on Route 87, across from CVS.   They also have a banquet room for larger groups.