Northeast Ohio Golf Courses
Here is a link to

After you ENTER the website, click on the "Map" tab at the top of the page.   At first, you'll see only blue.  That is LAKE ERIE.   Scroll the page downward and rightward (South and East) DUE EAST of the word "CLEVELAND" until you see "Punderson" and "Grandview".   Goodwin House Bed & Breakfast is located right between those two courses.   From here, you can see all nearby public golf courses.   For reference, Grandview is about 7 minutes away, and Chardon Lakes is about 15 minutes away.

Now that you can see the names of the local courses, click on the Golf Course name on the map to see the review and rating given to the course by this website.   Don't be dismayed by an average rating.   These reviewers are looking for a great challenge.   One of their most highly rated courses (Thunder Hill, about 30 minutes away in Madison) would be too difficult to be fun for the casual golfer.

Not only can you read the review, but in many cases, they have provided a link to the Golf Course's website, an interactive map to the location, and sometimes, even photos of the course.

Have a great time!

By the way, if you're really inspired to explore Golf Courses, view THIS website!   From the home page, click onto the "Trail Map".