Robyn will take you on a personal tour of Amish and Mennonite businesses and local farms.   Advance notice is necessary.   Cost and transportation is determined when you request the tour.   The exact stops may change from time to time, but (based on your interest) would include some of the following:

    • Local Amish Bakery, using Organic Flour in most of the goods
    • Amish Organic & Natural Items Grocery Store
    • Organic Farm (in season)
    • Maple Syrup Producing Farm
    • Locally produced Jams and Honey
    • Handmade items: Quilts, rugs, placemats, pot holders, etc.
    • Freshly butchered and frozen meats
    • Cheese using Amish dairy farm milk
    • Amish-suitable fabrics and notions
    • Shoes and great wool socks, plus other goods
    • Grocery - pantry items, especially wonderful for baking
    • Amish made baskets and wooden toys
    • Lanterns, kitchen supplies, and other housewares
    • Handcrafted furniture
    • Produce Stand (in season)
    • Cabinet makers, staircase builders, etc.
    • and more!

    Your Amish Culture Tour itinerary will be planned just for your group.   You will want to plan for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours, and may request up to 6 hours for your Amish Culture Tour.

    Groups of at six or more in size can schedule lunch or dinner in an Amish home if providing at least 4 days notice.

    We offer guided tour for small groups.   See the PDF file for the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the brochure here.